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Oh my gosh only 2 and a half more months until they completely re-do the levels system for WAG in Australia.
Compulsory levels are coming and no choice of music and no more bonus skills until level 7!!!

I guess well all see how this works out by the 2024 Olympics


Can we have a moment for Larissa Miller though? I’d never watched her floor once, but here she is in the worlds floor final with what is some truly gorgeous tumbling! Plus, she qualified over the likes of Roxana Popa, Guilia Steingruber and Andreea Munteanu- not bad for a relatively unknown Aussie gymnast!

Larrissa is secretly everyone’s fave tbh

Some footage from the Chetkovich Cup the other night


I like to put on GymCastic and pretend I actually have friends who want to talk gymnastics with me.

Screw the Zuchold half, Olivia should have submitted this. :P

Screw the Zuchold half, Olivia should have submitted this. :P

If anyone knows what the “lesbian leotard” is, let me know….

Anonymous sent: So I went to coffee with Olivia and she was SO NICE. Like, we could've been old friends, she is LOVELY. I didn't get any pictures because it didn't feel appropriate to ask, but tomorrow night is the Chetkovich Cup so I will most definitely try to get one then :D


I’m glad you had a good time! She sounds like a wonderful young woman. I hope you do get the chance to get a picture!

The Chetkovich Cup will be awesome!

All I do is think about the 2008 Olympic team



there should be a two year period after high school where it is socially expected that kids not work or go to school or do anything but take road trips, read books, meet new people, and take lots of pictures

In Australia we call this a gap year and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Gap year pride

Also, weird that people don’t gap year in other countries?? What’s the rush?